We grow local food communities



We believe that urban food production will help us eat healthier, greenify our cities, and reduce foodmiles.

The opportunity

Many people in urban areas want to grow their own food, but lack the space to do so. Many rooftops, ‘grey space’ and disused land in cities would be perfect for growing food, yet sit empty and vacant. There is no legitimate dedicated tool for would-be growers to find land, for would-be land-sharers to secure a garden tenancy, or for finding technical help with urban gardening.

The FoodSpot value proposition

FoodSpot is a dedicated, online, three-sided sharing platform that enables this to happen. By connecting those who have the space or resources to grow food, with those who have the time, the skills or the expertise but lack the space to do so. FoodSpot enables three types of users to connect and realize their collective potential as urban food producers, supporting greener, healthier and more sustainable cities.

Meet the team

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